Pettyjohn Chime MKII overdrive guitar pedal knobs
Pettyjohn Chime MKII overdrive guitar pedal side
Pettyjohn Chime MKII overdrive guitar pedal bottom
Pettyjohn Chime MKII overdrive guitar pedal side
Pettyjohn Chime MKII overdrive guitar pedal input output
Pettyjohn Chime MKII overdrive guitar pedal side

Pettyjohn Chime MKII

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From the Pettyjohn website:

The Pettyjohn CHIME MKII is a major update to our signature low-medium gain overdrive. Known for it’s ability to sweeten your signal with the touch sensitivity of vintage english amps on the edge of break up, the CHIME MKII builds on it’s predecessor with an all new and proprietary 36V power supply, a new relay based true bypass circuit with soft touch switch and loads more.

Full Unique Features

  • New! High voltage power! 36 Volts of internal power from standard 9v adaptor (300mA)
  • New! Relay Quiet Bypass switching system
  • Soft touch switch with totally quiet switching and auto-bypass when power is off
  • New! High Pass Filter mini knob
  • New! Clipping mix knob, blend between Germanium and LED clipping
  • New! Increased headroom and lower noise on all stages
  • New! Active output level control for no tone loss
  • New! Discrete Opamp upgrade option. Upgrade to CHIME MKII Deluxe and the input and output stages become powered with our Studio Grade 990 style discrete opamp for extra clarity and depth
  • New! Knobs and Labels. Easier to read on stage
  • New! Foundry Series MKII custom enclosure with in-set screws

New! Internal “Secret Settings”

  • Preamp Mode: Internal mini toggle bypasses the clipping stage making the CHIME MKII a perfect clean tone shaping preamp and boost with no clipping at all.
  • Power Rails Switch: Internal mini toggle switches between max rails of 36V and a more modest 28V, a setting some users prefer for a more vintage tone.
  • Gain range for warm saturation
  • Boost: Pre-boost control with that adds extra presence and grit
  • Tilt EQ: An audiophile approach to tone control, the Tilt EQ circuit is carefully voiced to compliment the clipping options and utilizes Orange Drop tone caps for a musical sweetness not normally found in a pedal.

Audiophile, Studio-Grade Performance

  • Burr Brown OPA input and output buffer
  • Classic TL072 and JRC4558 stages carefully implemented for warmth and feel
  • Audiophile grade, through-hole 1% Metal Film resistors
Top Shelf WIMA and Silver Mica caps used in tone sensitive operations
  • Internally Direct Coupled stages for purest signal path possible
  • Lead-Free PCB constructed with Audiophile Lead-free Silver Solder
Extremely Low Noise

Product Details

  • Box and circuit handmade in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA
  • Dimensions: 2.75”W x 4.75”L x 2.5” H
  • Weight: 2 lbs